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Nursing necklaces are back!

As a happy surprise (to me), my original chewable nursing necklace with the spiral design has been very popular over on my Etsy shop, but I sold out of the ones I made ages ago! And what with all my recent distraction and braindeadness due to working, I hadn’t gotten around to making any more, let alone making any new and different and exciting ones. Well okay, I can’t promise that this new design is exciting, but it’s new and different anyway. So check it out!

What do you think? Head on over to the astitchinlime Etsy listing for a proper blurb and some more photos. ‘Cause just making time to photograph this little puppy this afternoon has worn this girl out. (Psst! I’ve even got another spiral one up for grabs again!)

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Shop update!

Feels like time to do a wee update about some of the newer goodies I’ve put up for sale in my shop! I’ve expanded into selling a couple of new items in the realm of baby accessories. Not sure if this will be a permanent section of my shop, as baby accessories and stitch markers don’t generally go together. I mean, for people like me, sure. I knit and have a baby. But for most folks, mixing these things might cause potential customers to be a bit thrown off by the random assortment of things for sale. Of course this thinking all delves well into the ‘defining your brand’ thing, which probably requires more brain cells than I currently have to offer. There are countless articles online about being successful on Etsy. I’ve read none of them. I’m almost certainly doing it all wrong.

Embracing my ignorance, and since my shop is currently still such small potatoes, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a whirl and see what ends up happening. If it’s a bust, I can take down the listings and stay firmly in the knitting realm. No skin off my back. (There must be a knitterly version of that saying… No stitches off my needles?)

So, check it. Here’s what’s new at astitchinlime on Etsy:

Chewable nursing necklaces

Reversible microfibre strap covers for your soft structured baby carrier (e.g., ErgoBaby carrier)

Terry strap covers: Perfect for teething, drooly babies!

And of course, you can never have too many stitch markers to choose from. Like this blue and beige set.

I’m hoping to contribute a few knitted items to the shop eventually, as well. Knitting items to sell can be tricky since it’s not a very cost-effective craft. You end up spending many hours and many dollars (yarn dollars, oh the yarn dollars) creating something that you have to charge a small fortune for to make it worth your time. Maybe there is a little easy item out there that might strike my knit-to-sell fancy. I’m thinking something like these awesome Mug Hugs by Rebecca of Nook. Or a few winter hats? What would you like to see in my shop?


Tops, Tanks, and Tees KAL wrap-up

It’s done! I finished! The morning of the last day of the KAL I was furiously seaming and weaving in ends on my Liesl tank. You can’t get much more last-minute than that. But that’s totally how I roll — always has been. I suppose I am rather productive in a bit of a time crunch.

And verdict: I love it.

It’s funny, I realized recently that I’m more of a process knitter than a product knitter — meaning that I enjoy the making of something more than the end result so much. Well, at least this has been true of the garments I’ve made for myself so far. But I sometimes wonder whether it’s simply that I’m knitting the wrong size, or with the wrong yarn, or choosing my pattern unwisely. I am still relatively new to this knitting thing (only a couple years in, here), so I probably have lots to learn. Especially about patience. And swatching properly. And choosing appropriate fibre. And blocking. And how to get the proper fit I’m looking for. Sigh. So okay, that is a lot.

But hey, this one worked out pretty well, finished-product-wise. I wore it all day today and it was great!

But back to this KAL thing. Shannon over at luvinthemommyhood posted her big reveal about the prizes to be won for those KALers lucky enough to have their names drawn. And as I mentioned before, I am one of the KAL sponsors! The astitchinlime Etsy shop, where I sell my handmade stitch markers, is donating one set of markers to each of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place KAL winners. So fun, right? I can’t wait to see who wins and which set they each choose!



Which set would you choose?
(More options for the indecisive at astitchinlime.etsy.com

Make sure to check out Shannon’s awesome other sponsors to see what loot awaits the lucky three prize winners! I’m so flattered to be listed among the other KAL sponsors, who are delivering some seriously wonderful goods. Truth.


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Stitch markers, reloaded

Large (Rainbow) stitch markers

Well, I’ve gotten a little stitch-marker-happy these last couple of weeks. I’ve upped my game a bit and invested in some satin cording to make these puppies look a bit more professional than my first set did. It’s been fun refining my technique as I’ve been putting these sets together, and I’m getting faster and more skilled when making them. I also invested in a set of round-nose pliers recently and they’ve helped immensely. Way better than regular needle-nose pliers. Who knew!?

I’ve made most of these while squinting in the dim light over my dining room table after the baby’s asleep for the night. That, or if he’s awake, I’ve poked and prodded at them in a very piecemeal fashion over the course of several hours, hoping my cat won’t try to eat them while I’m distracted with the baby. Multitasking: I has it!

Here’s a gander at the result of my efforts:

Medium (Blue/Green) stitch markers

Medium (Purple/Burgundy) stitch markers

Large (Green/Blue) stitch markers

Large (Rainbow) stitch markers

Medium (Burgundy/Purple) stitch markers

Small (Rainbow) stitch markers

Medium (Yellow/Orange) stitch markers

Small (Orange/Turquoise) stitch markers

Large (Rainbow) stitch markers

So what’s even more fun? Finally, after much wringing of hands, I decided to set up shop and sell these puppies on Etsy! That’s right, astitchinlime has now got a virtual storefront! This is a big step for me and, I’ll admit, it overwhelmed me pretty instantaneously. But I did it, and even if no one buys a single thing from my shop, I really have had fun setting it all up and making (and photographing!) the stitch markers.

I plan on expanding the shop to sell other items sometime in the future, but for now these stitch markers are a small, achievable craft and I can get my head around making several sets. And I feel comfortable selling them since they’re entirely my own creation — I didn’t use a tutorial or pattern to make them (unlike the vast majority of my knitting, for example), so I have no copyright anxiety or morally grey feelings about selling them, and can just enjoy giving it a whirl.

Come check out astitchinlime on Etsy, and let me know what you think!


Buttoned cowl for a pal

I almost didn’t post about this scarf, since I’ve made (and posted about) the exact same one already. In fact, my old chum Emily spotted the first one and requested that I knit her one. So here it is!

Although knitting a project for a second time affords you the opportunity for learning from whatever mistakes you made the first time (in this case, that was binding off way too tightly), I generally am not big on revisiting projects. The novelty just isn’t there the second time around, I guess!  Thankfully this was a very quick project to knit, so it wasn’t a tedious slog.  In fact, it was relatively pleasant!  But it did give me an opportunity to reflect on the fact that I don’t think I could ever craft en masse. Making 20 of something would give me a case of the bores!  What I like about crafting as a hobby (vs. a job) is that I can follow my whims.  When I finish one project, I can go do the next one that interests me.  Not repeat the one project 19 more times, with a deadline looming and my income riding on it.  Although part of me dreams of running a successful Etsy shop someday, I clearly have some pretty significant reservations about churning out product to sell.  If I ever did try to sell, I think it’d have to be one-off pieces rather than the more traditional route of accepting custom orders/selling several of the same thing. I really admire people who can do that!