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Thrift store score

I had a hankering today to peruse my local thrift store (thankfully, or perhaps dangerously, it is literally nextdoor to my building).  I was thinking about searching through all the sheets to find some nice fabrics worth salvaging.  And I found three!  I also found what appeared to me to be the mother load of bias tape, among other sewing notions.  Here’s all the stuff I got:

All the notions I scored (plus one skein of yarn)!  So much bias tape… some of it still in its original packaging! Awesome.

The three great patterns I found among the sheets.  I also got a white sheet to cut up and make bias tape with, but plain white isn’t really worth photographing…

I gotta say, I’m feeling pretty thrifty, admiring my stash of goodies. I spent under $25 for all this (and the four sheets alone were about $13 of that)!  Can’t wait to see what comes of it all!

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Things I covet: Wrapped hoop earrings

If you’ve been reading this blog with any regularity, you will know by now that I have major appreciation (aka mad props) for projects that require no special materials. I must be the world’s laziest crafter, because my eyes go wide when I realize I can make something with the crap I already own! So my latest addition to the long and ever-growing list of things I covet is this: knotted, trimmed, crocheted and wrapped hoop earrings by Jessica at Happy Together!

Catch that sweet, sweet tutorial (okay, it’s more like four tutorials in one, because that’s how awesomesauce Jessica is) for yourself!


Fabric stash

I spent a lazy day shopping with my friend Sarah this past weekend, and one of our many stops was a fabric store. This was one of those wonderful bad decisions that are all the rage with the kids today. Why, you ask?  Well, I am steadily (and dangerously?) accumulating fabric.  I might have to make some sort of rule where I don’t buy any more supplies before finishing the projects I start (or am dreaming of starting and buying supplies for).  Ah, no way, that’s crazy talk!

The bottom 6 fabrics (in pairs) are slated to become either reversible ring slings (thanks to Rixa Freeze’s wonderful pattern) or lined hobo bags, or some combination of those two. The top few I plan on sewing into Christmas bags for next year (to reduce the amount we rely on disposable wrapping paper), and that middle retro pattern — well I’m not too sure just yet. It was in the remnant bin and I couldn’t resist!