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Digital download: Recipe template

I used to be masterful at MS Paint. In my eyes, MS Paint is the only thing Microsoft really ever did right. It was elegantly simple and yet surprisingly useful. I could draw a crappy picture of my friend Jason eating dirt and send it to him, and he could draw one of me eating dirt and send it to me. It was a beautiful thing.

I use Macs now and, to this day, I mourn the fact that the Mac OS lacks an MS Paint rip-off. I have searched for one and have come up wanting, people. It ain’t out there. Sob.

So if you’re like me and you have a Mac and want to draw a thing, you have to use something complicated to draw your thing (*snicker*). Like Photoshop. Except Photoshop is for people who have money to buy Photoshop, so I use Gimp. It’s painfully slow and laborious for a lazy learner like myself, and I often resort to a button-mashing type of effort, but lo and behold: I DREW A THING. Here it is:

recipe template

Download full size image here!

It’s a template for recipes.

My husband and I have a binder of recipes either hand-written or printed out from email/online and some of them are covered in spilly dribbles and/or tomato stains. Some of them are over 90% crumpled up. Some of them have been written all over with modifications and things circled and giant arrows and emphatic stars that were the result of a dramatic rage brought on by having forgotten to buy an ingredient from the store because of unfortunate formatting. Basically, it’s a hot mess, this book.

I’ve been meaning to copy & paste all our collected recipes into a pretty, consistent template for printing so that everything can be put under dorkgasmic page protectors and if any of our friends were to happen upon our beautiful homemade recipe book they would surely think I was one of those people who had my shit together, surely. I searched the internet for such a template and found monstrosities of clip art pizza slices and cartoonish blokes in chefs hats. NOPE.

Anyway, dear internets: I share this with you. Use it! I know I will.