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Things I covet: Jewelry organizers

I can never remember how to spell jewelry… jewellery… JOOL-REE. Anyway, I have a bunch that I almost never wear because my toddler has the grabby hands. So naturally, I need someplace to put it where I might happen upon looking at it and remember that I should probably attempt putting some on. Sometimes. Rotting in a drawer or box (my current setup) is really not the ticket.

Since we don’t have a lot of dresser-top space or other storage that makes sense, I’ve had this idea in my head for ages to make some kind of wall-mounted jewelry organizer, especially for hanging the long danglies like necklaces.

This burlap number is my top choice, currently:

We even frequent a coffee shop here in town and I know they’ve got burlap coffee bean bags that they often give away to anyone who’s interested. So that might be some awesomeness in my future. So, the above organizer uses simple hooks to hang all the earrings and necklaces, but I love the idea (below) of attaching drawer pulls (upside down half-moon cups or plain knobs). I think it might be fun to scour a hardware store and come up with a few different ones that might work together. See?

So cool. I’m thinking about this so much that I have begun scheming about when I can next get my arse to a hardware store. I kind of love hardware stores. But that’s an aside. Check out this necklace hanger idea using tree branches:

So gorgeous, especially in the teal frame.

So my plan (Ha! As if I have time!) is a lovely frame, possibly painted, burlap in the middle, with the drawer pulls and knobs and hooks dressing it up a bit. Pretty. I even have a spot in my bathroom scoped out to hang the thing. Now I just need the time. Right. That part. Well, a girl can dream.


Chewable nursing necklaces

Those of us with nursing babies know that they can sometimes like to fiddle and play with whatever they can get their free hand(s) on while they snack away. This can mean anything from an innocent twirling of mama’s hair to a fishhook to the lip; an idle exploration of a bra strap or an excavation of the contents of mama’s nose. (Not to mention what these fiddly babies like to do with the nipple not currently in use!)

To be plain: after a certain age, babies need something to do while they nurse. Just sitting around nursing is oh-so passé, don’t ya know? Boresville!

But there’s more! There are also plenty of times you’re holding your baby (between nursing sessions) when they just want to explore whatever is in reach. And if you have a pretty necklace on? Fair game. Right in the mouth. Sure, plenty of nursing necklaces exist on the market to provide babies with something to grab and yank and fiddle with, but they are mostly made of materials (e.g., chunky beads, possibly dyed or painted) that aren’t really meant to go in the baby’s mouth.

So… I made one that is!

This chewable nursing pendant is made from 100% food grade silicone rubber, which is exactly what all those chewy teething toys are made from. Essentially, this is a teether that the mama can wear and not feel like, well, she’s got a teether attached to her neck. The spiral design is meant to provide some texture for baby to explore, while also being aesthetically-pleasing.

These pendants are strung from a length of black nylon cording so that, when worn, they sit at about bust level. This gives the fiddly baby a good range to whip the pendant around (any shorter and the baby could yank pretty hard on your head and neck in the process). The nylon cord is also safe for babies to chew on and doesn’t dry out or become brittle over time. These necklaces are 100% washable and only need a bit of soap and water from time to time.

For those interested, I used EasyMold Silicone Putty to make these pendants. While this material is intended to create molds (rather than end-use products themselves), it worked extremely well. And with about a three minute window from mixing the components until it began to set, there wasn’t much time to work with it. I had fun trying to come up with a design that could be achieved at lightning speed! I won’t spill my secret process, but it may have involved a drinking straw and a jar of pine nuts (what?)…

Even more fun: these pendants will be up for sale on Abernathy Naturals very soon! (Though if you’re dying for one before that happens, please be in touch and I can easily route a sale through my Etsy shop if need be.)

Update: By request, I’ve put the necklaces up in my Etsy shop for now! Snag yourself one while they last!

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Bibbed necklace and matching earrings

I saw this design on the cover of an issue of BeadStyle magazine while perusing Country Beads last fall. The original designer, Jane Konkel, called it “autumn origami” (check out her version) and I thought it was such a neat look.  So I made one!

I actually made the vast majority of this set (read: the bib itself) back before the wedding, but didn’t have any chain to attach it to, so it was hibernating for a while. But I finally got around to picking up some chain recently (my guestimate of one foot was spot on!) and finished it within minutes today.  The earrings are so simple as well, they only took me a few.  Instant gratification.


Knotted chain necklace the sequel!

Anyone remember the knotted chain necklace I made for my dad’s girlfriend?  Well I made another one, folks!  And this one’s for me!

I’ve been working so furiously on wedding things lately, and since posting about most of them will have to wait until after the wedding (oooh, so many good posts racked up for next month!), I figured I’d better make something today that I could actually post about… well, today.  I think I also needed a wedding break for my own sanity, so making something for myself was a nice change of pace.

Also, I’m gonna give myself the self-props for actually following through on a project I bought the supplies for seven months ago.  Well done, self!

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Things I covet: Knotted rope necklace

Alright, I realize I have been on a bit of a knitting binge lately, so it’s time to bring this blog back to its roots: crafting.  Not just knitting, Jana, not just knitting. As much as you love it and as much as you have become a gigantic Ravelry keener, there is more to life than knitting! Mantra.

So, today I bring you something simple and elegant and decidedly un-knit.

Check out this wicked DIY rope necklace made by Maegan over at her aptly named blog: …love Maegan!

Front (photo by …love Maegan)

Back (photo by …love Maegan)

They look so very easy to make, too. However, if you are making these, I will give one piece of advice. Be sure you buy the curtain tiebacks with the finished edging too, because that same type of cording sold from spools in fabric shops has edges that fray so easily it’ll make you curse like a sailor!  Speaking from personal experience?  Yes.


Things I covet: Asymmetrical necklaces

I have stumbled across a couple of these asymmetrical necklaces in recent days, and am really liking the look they create. First, we have Tessa Kim’s vintage inspired lace necklace, featured in her amazing Etsy shop:

Tessa Kim

Then we also have these large poufy fabric flowers making a lovely and lopsided appearance on a necklace by Rosebud Lips!  So beautiful!

Rosebud Lips

What do you guys think?  I think they’d make a big statement!  And even if making a big statement is not your thing, they’re at least worthy of admiration from afar, don’t you think?

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Knotted chain necklace

I made this chain necklace for my dad’s girlfriend last Christmas. It used 10 ft of chain. The upper part has 3 strands, then below the knot are the 6 ends, cut to different lengths with beads added to the ends and above the ends in various spots.  I got this idea from a long knotted necklace one of the gals at Country Beads (credit where credit’s due!) was sporting when I was shopping there a while back.

The colour in this photo is a bit off… the metal was silverish (sterling silver?), not copper.

Although I was happy to gift this away, I kind of wish I had kept this baby for myself!  I might have to make another one…