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Things I covet: Map coasters

I’ve never really been a coaster user in the past. I think this is due to a combination of laziness and having only ever had cheap furniture around — the kind that wouldn’t have balked at the presence of a sweaty glass on its surface. But having recently purchased some new tables (of the coffee and dining varieties), I am now trying to be good and remember to use coasters. So when I stumbled across this idea from crafting giant Martha Stewart, I raised one or more eyebrows in its direction. It’s map coasters!

As it stands, the coasters we currently have are totally boring.  Just circles cut out of cork board. I think they could use a facelift, stat. But now it’s got me thinking… any kind of paper would do for this.  Do you have any ideas about something that would be good for a coaster topper?  Newsprint? Old book pages or illustrations?  Anatomy diagrams?


Tutorial: Wooden EAT sign, Mod Podge style

I’ve been poking at this project for the last few days and it’s finally done!  This EAT sign was made for our dining room corner (it’s not its own room). As I posted about back when I was on a Mod Podge project admiring spree, I was inspired by Jen over at Frame Fanatic’s version.

I picked up these wooden letters from my local dollar store, and they were a bit more detailed than Jen’s. I decided to paint the edges (and backs) red and to apply some decorative scrapbook paper to the top-most plane. And that’s just what I did!  Read how I made this puppy after the jump!

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Learning the stamping ropes

My friend Shauna is an avid card maker, scrapbooker, and stamper. She is also a teacher. She recently decided to mush these two interests together and become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator — basically this means she’s running workshops to demonstrate and promote stamping products and projects.  She decided to do her first workshop for an audience of close pals and family the other night, so a bunch of us went and made a card under her wise tutelage. Here’s the project we all made:

For those who may not really know the ins and outs of stamping (I didn’t), what we did was this:  We used a clear/sticky ink for the cupcake, candles, and ‘party hearty!’ message (all were stamps).  The ones stamped on the pink background cardstock we let dry, which darkened to form a sort of ‘shadow’ effect. For the stuff on the white foreground, we stamped in the same clear ink, but brushed various chalk colours over the different areas of each stamped design. The chalk clung to the ink and voilà!  For the ‘party hearty!’ message, we attached it to the card with little foam glue bits called ‘dimensionals’, which gave it a sort of 3D feel.  The rest was just cutting (done ahead of time by Shauna, which was nice), ripping, and gluing.  Easy as pie!

Shauna also demonstrated how to make a small box from decorative cardstock, and even showed us how heat embossing works!  It was neat to see all her cool stamping/papercrafting gear put to use, and all the various things you can do as a stamper!

Head on over to Shauna’s blog for a peek at more projects from the workshop!


Things I covet: A hodgepodge of Mod Podge

So I’ve gone and bought some Mod Podge and am trying to figure out what to do with it!  I’ve bookmarked a bunch of great project ideas in recent months, but I think there are almost too many possibilities to entertain, here!  For example:

Key holder by Sew Much Ado?

Perfume tray by Prudent Baby?

EAT sign by Frame Fanatic?

Washer pendants by Homemaker?

Jewelry tray by Wallflower Gone Wild?

Of course there was also that revamped serving tray I posted about a while back.  So many options!  What do you think?


Things I covet: Revamped serving tray

Christie at Lemon Squeezy Home had her sister, Rachelle, do this fabulous guest post tutorial showing how she revamped an ugly old wooden serving tray!  I love the bright colours and the modern look to the trees she designed.  So simple and elegant!

The tray before (left) and after (right)!

Check out the details on how to modge podge your way to new and wonderful home accessories like this one!


It started off as snow…

Or rather, the idea started off as snow.  I was inspired by hanging snowstorms made of dental floss and stickers and kitten dreams.  But snow is typically white, right?  For our wedding, the wall we wanted to stand in front of was pretty bare, save for two inset window shapes and a ledge. And it was white. So while I thought it would look great to make a hanging snowstorm garland to decorate that wall, my friend Sarah aptly pointed out to me that you probably wouldn’t be able to see it very well (this was a “duh” moment for me). So with my now-husband’s help, we figured out a way to add some colour, using up all the scraps of green paper I had in my possession in the process — most of which were left over from the matchbox favours, in fact.

A peaceful backdrop for getting hitched!

What we did (mega credit to the lovely Sara and Sarah for their help with this) was cut out a bunch of green paper circles in two sizes (we just traced whatever round object I could find hanging around). Then, using plain white circular stickers, we attached the green paper circle to a string of white embroidery thread on one side.  We put also put another sticker on the opposite side of the circle for consistency’s sake, and decorated each sticker with a green heart (which was just drawn on using a green marker).  All the strings were different lengths, giving a random feel to the garland when it was hung.  Pretty simple concept, actually.  What was time consuming was cutting the circles out, and then just how many strings we ended up making in total.

Extreme close-up of the garland before it left my house.


Wedding tree guestbook

So I’ve been a bit absent lately, but I promise my reason is an excellent one!  I got married on Saturday!  It was such an incredibly wonderful day, full of love and warmth and in beautiful surroundings, to boot.  I couldn’t have asked for it to go more smoothly, more calmly, or more happily!  It was really and truly amazing, all of it.

I have a few weddingy posts lined up for the coming days, but I will start with what I think is my favourite craft of the wedding — the wedding tree guestbook!  Some of you may remember a post I did a while back about the beautiful wedding trees that have been located out there on the interwebs.  Well, I am happy to announced that I managed, in this case anyway, to turn coveting into creation, and did up one of my own!  Check me out!

The wedding tree. Before (left) and after (right).

The set-up for signing… some instructions, ink & pens, a test paper, and some WetNaps for wiping off the ink!

I drew the tree myself using a sharpie marker (for the thicker areas) and a fine tip pen for the finer branches. The look of the tree was loosely based on Evan & Corinne’s from August and After. Then I wrote out the text in Gimp and taped it on the top and bottoms of the page. A lovely guy at Staples then helped me photocopy it onto 11″ x 14″ paper/cardstock, maxing out the contrast so as to hide any pen marks or brush strokes.  I bought both the frame and the ink pack from Michaels. The ink pack had four different shades of green, which was perfect for this project.

I got a ton of compliments about the wedding tree from all our guests — everyone really seemed to love it and thought it was pretty unique!  Truth be told I’m pretty proud of how it turned out, and so pleased that the finished product looks as good as it does!  No smudges or mistakes, even!  Awesome possum.

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Things I covet: Distressed alphabet/wall art

Perusing Happy Together today, I happened upon this great guest post by Delia of Delia Creates. In it she explains how to create a funky and distressed-looking alphabet wall hanging. My favourite part of the project is the photo scavenger hunt for great pictures of each letter!  I think it would be so much fun to go out on a drive or walk (especially fun for little helpers who are learning to recognize letters) and find a bunch of different, colourful letters to photograph!

Check out Delia’s blog for more inspiration and some handy tutorials!


Things I covet: Wedding tree

I so love this idea for an alternative to a guestbook at a wedding!  The guests stamp their fingerprints as the leaves on the tree, then sign their names next to their respective prints!  I think it would make for a fun activity at a wedding, plus the end result looks pretty elegant!  It’s something I would be happy to hang on my wall, even. Check out this version Corinne from August and After used for her wedding:

See the original post.

This version was made by Cassie and featured originally on Rock N Roll Bride (Photo by Jonas Peterson).

That second picture appears to have been the wedding tree that started all the uproar around the blogosphere (of the “I want! I want!” variety, of course). So major kudos to Cassie for making it!  Evidently these things are so popular that someone on Etsy is even selling them, ink pads and all!  I think I’ll probably opt to make my own, though.

Cute note about Evan and Corinne’s wedding tree: “Everyone walked around the rest of the night with green thumbs. That’s a good thing, right?”

… or if you’re not into that, having some moist towelettes on hand would surely rectify the inky situation for your guests!