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stumbling into creativity


Hello, handbag.

I am so stoked about my new bag, everyone.

I made it last night!  I decided to finally get it together and sew a project I’d had on my radar for a while — I even had the fabric purchased and set aside for it (oh random remnant I found, how you were so perfect for this)… but you know how sometimes you get all excited about making something, and you go buy all the stuff, and then you go “I’ll do that real soon, just not right this moment,” and then suddenly 5 months have passed and you’re feeling way less jazzed about your once-brilliant idea?  Yeah. That happened.

But consider me re-jazzed. I used the tutorial from Disney over at Ruffles and Stuff, which was generally pretty wonderful and clear (I love a well-written tutorial). It turned out great!

And it’s lined:

Some of you may remember the lining fabric from my shirred summer skirt, yes?

Forgive the visible sewing blunders!  They’re only on the inside, so I am letting the perfectionism go this time (okay, most times — I’m also too lazy to unpick and try again).

Ta da!

I love it. I can’t wait to use it!