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Christmas knitting (and crafting) 911


So despite my better judgment, I think I have to admit something. Christmas is in a month. I generally take after my mum when it comes to Christmas, plugging my ears and singing “lalalalala” until somewhere around December 15th, but this year I need to snap out of it. I have a baby this year. He makes accomplishing a shower challenging. If any gifts are going to get organized, I should start now. Probably better yet to have started months ago, but alas, I was busy birthing a human being back then.

So far my list of handmade gifts is small. Bite-sized, if you will. One knitting project, one sewing project. I may even scrap the sewing project, depending on time… Hoo, look at me go! I think might break a sweat.

Anyway, Shannon over at luvinthemommyhood started up a Christmas crafting support group called Christmas Knitting 911 and I am all over that. Some accountability and encouragement is so necessary this time of year in order to prevent me from saying “oh eff this”, throwing my knitting out the window (don’t worry, only figuratively) and instead spending an exorbitant amount on some cheesy last-minute gift in Chapters’ Things That Aren’t Books section (scented recipe cards?).

There’s even a handy thread over on Shannon’s Ravelry group for this thing, guys. So come join us and dish about your to-make list! And if you blog, you can grab the button below over at luvinthemommyhood!



Baby’s first pattern: Simple iPad cover!

As I mentioned the other day, we got an iPad for a wedding gift! And since then we’ve toted it along to a number of friends’ houses and coffee shops, always wrapping it in one of my scarves or a canvas shopping bag to keep it safe as it bopped around in my purse.  Neither of these methods of protection seemed very long-term… so I had the idea to knit an iPad cover for us (with requisite groans from the husband). Then I had the idea to write down what I’d done (since I was, for once, completely improvising something) and make it into a pattern for others to use (if they so chose to). The way I saw it, publishing a pattern on Ravelry was basically the best way to get knitting-famous. (And there ain’t a lot of ways, let me tell you…)

So here it is!

Hubby pointed out that it resembles the Vancouver Canucks jersey… this was unintentional, but perhaps subconscious! Subconsciously awesome!

It turned out pretty well, in the end!  It knit up so quickly (only took me two days) and didn’t use all that much yarn, either.  My only issue with it is the rolling out of the top edge. I blocked it once but as soon as it was stretched, it rolled again right away. I have thought about modifying it with some type of button closure (perhaps two bands?) across the opening, which would hold that roll back a bit, but I didn’t really have the patience (or the buttons) to do that, and ended up leaving it for now. I suppose we’ll see what feedback I get (if any) from other knitters who use the pattern.

So, without further nattering on and on, here is the pattern (pdf)!  It’s incredibly simple (it’s just a big rectangle of stockinette stitch, after all).

Also available from my designer page on Ravelry. Also ALSO displayed after the jump!  Enjoy!

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