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Shop update!

Feels like time to do a wee update about some of the newer goodies I’ve put up for sale in my shop! I’ve expanded into selling a couple of new items in the realm of baby accessories. Not sure if this will be a permanent section of my shop, as baby accessories and stitch markers don’t generally go together. I mean, for people like me, sure. I knit and have a baby. But for most folks, mixing these things might cause potential customers to be a bit thrown off by the random assortment of things for sale. Of course this thinking all delves well into the ‘defining your brand’ thing, which probably requires more brain cells than I currently have to offer. There are countless articles online about being successful on Etsy. I’ve read none of them. I’m almost certainly doing it all wrong.

Embracing my ignorance, and since my shop is currently still such small potatoes, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a whirl and see what ends up happening. If it’s a bust, I can take down the listings and stay firmly in the knitting realm. No skin off my back. (There must be a knitterly version of that saying… No stitches off my needles?)

So, check it. Here’s what’s new at astitchinlime on Etsy:

Chewable nursing necklaces

Reversible microfibre strap covers for your soft structured baby carrier (e.g., ErgoBaby carrier)

Terry strap covers: Perfect for teething, drooly babies!

And of course, you can never have too many stitch markers to choose from. Like this blue and beige set.

I’m hoping to contribute a few knitted items to the shop eventually, as well. Knitting items to sell can be tricky since it’s not a very cost-effective craft. You end up spending many hours and many dollars (yarn dollars, oh the yarn dollars) creating something that you have to charge a small fortune for to make it worth your time. Maybe there is a little easy item out there that might strike my knit-to-sell fancy. I’m thinking something like these awesome Mug Hugs by Rebecca of Nook. Or a few winter hats? What would you like to see in my shop?


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Tutorial: Ergo teething pads

My kid drools. A lot. Whether or not this is caused by teething (he has sprouted his two bottom teeth in the last 6 weeks) is up for debate, though clearly he’s got both going on these days. He puts anything and everything into his mouth. Anything that crosses his little mouth’s path seems to be fair game for a good nomming.

Naturally, when we carry him in the ErgoBaby carrier, he sees those puffy shoulder straps as two big built-in teethers, and goes to town on them. This soaks them instantly. So instead of constantly washing the carrier (not recommended by the manufacturer), I figured I could sew up some strap protectors easily enough. Ergo sells some made of terrycloth for about $20 a pair, which I personally find impossible to justify as a person who owns a sewing machine.

So here’s my version. Took about 10-15 minutes. Sorry I didn’t get any photos of the in-progress steps — I was a woman on a mission and wanted these done, stat.


  • Terrytowel washcloth
  • Scissors
  • Velcro (hook & loop tape)
  • Sewing machine & thread
  • Serger (optional)

Step 1. Start with an old washcloth you are no longer using. Cut it in half so you have two identical rectangles.

Step 2. Serge around the edges of each half. If you don’t have a serger, do a zig-zag stitch or finish the edges however you like.

Step 3. Cut 2 lengths of velcro a bit shorter than the width of the short end of your rectangles.

Step 4. Attach the velcro to your terrycloth. Ensure that the soft velcro piece is sewn to the opposite side of the pad as the scratchy piece (so when you loop the pad around your Ergo strap, they will grip together). I did this hastily, using adhesive velcro (which helped to hold it in place for sewing). You can see the ugly stitches that resulted from my haste. (Oh, motherhood…)

Also: I folded one edge over about an inch or two before sewing on the velcro. Part of this was laziness (couldn’t be buggered to measure and cut it), and part of this was my idea that it might anchor the velcro better to have it go through two layers. In retrospect, I think measuring the piece properly (using your Ergo strap to eyeball it is fine) would do just as well — you don’t need both layers. Plus, my wonky fold is not great. When you do this, do it better than I did, please.

Here is the pad folded to show both velcro’d sides.

And joined together, as it would be on the Ergo:

And in place on the Ergo, fresh for the nomming:

So there they are. Possibly the best upcycling of an old washcloth into something that would otherwise cost you $20, amirite? Baby A’s verdict: om nom nom!