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Things I covet: Jewelry organizers

I can never remember how to spell jewelry… jewellery… JOOL-REE. Anyway, I have a bunch that I almost never wear because my toddler has the grabby hands. So naturally, I need someplace to put it where I might happen upon looking at it and remember that I should probably attempt putting some on. Sometimes. Rotting in a drawer or box (my current setup) is really not the ticket.

Since we don’t have a lot of dresser-top space or other storage that makes sense, I’ve had this idea in my head for ages to make some kind of wall-mounted jewelry organizer, especially for hanging the long danglies like necklaces.

This burlap number is my top choice, currently:

We even frequent a coffee shop here in town and I know they’ve got burlap coffee bean bags that they often give away to anyone who’s interested. So that might be some awesomeness in my future. So, the above organizer uses simple hooks to hang all the earrings and necklaces, but I love the idea (below) of attaching drawer pulls (upside down half-moon cups or plain knobs). I think it might be fun to scour a hardware store and come up with a few different ones that might work together. See?

So cool. I’m thinking about this so much that I have begun scheming about when I can next get my arse to a hardware store. I kind of love hardware stores. But that’s an aside. Check out this necklace hanger idea using tree branches:

So gorgeous, especially in the teal frame.

So my plan (Ha! As if I have time!) is a lovely frame, possibly painted, burlap in the middle, with the drawer pulls and knobs and hooks dressing it up a bit. Pretty. I even have a spot in my bathroom scoped out to hang the thing. Now I just need the time. Right. That part. Well, a girl can dream.

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Things I covet: Neuron plushies

Illness sucks. There ain’t too much more to say about it than that.

I have spent time working with people with chronic illness, especially neurologically-based illnesses, and I have seen both how much people can struggle and how much they can overcome when living with brains that don’t behave the way they are supposed to. I am always so inspired by those who can manage to fight or live through or even slowly recover from neurological illness with grace and a sense of humour. Case in point: Pay Mayer of Neuron Rebellion.

Left: Tony; Right: Imogene

While undergoing treatment for a bizarre movement disorder, Pat found herself virtually bedridden. To pass the time, she began sewing these whacky little creatures by hand — representations of her own “rebellious neurons.” And then she made more. And more. And they are wonderful.

So be inspired and be in awe, friends, for there are a veritable ton of these little guys for sale on Pat’s website now.


Things I covet: Map coasters

I’ve never really been a coaster user in the past. I think this is due to a combination of laziness and having only ever had cheap furniture around — the kind that wouldn’t have balked at the presence of a sweaty glass on its surface. But having recently purchased some new tables (of the coffee and dining varieties), I am now trying to be good and remember to use coasters. So when I stumbled across this idea from crafting giant Martha Stewart, I raised one or more eyebrows in its direction. It’s map coasters!

As it stands, the coasters we currently have are totally boring.  Just circles cut out of cork board. I think they could use a facelift, stat. But now it’s got me thinking… any kind of paper would do for this.  Do you have any ideas about something that would be good for a coaster topper?  Newsprint? Old book pages or illustrations?  Anatomy diagrams?


Things I covet: Doily table runner

I’ve never been one for doilies. To me, doilies conjure up images of old ladies handing out scotch mints in dusty living rooms that smell of mothballs. But this project by Ashley Ann made me do a double take and rethink my old lady stereotype. Check out this amazing doily table runner she made!

So when you’re done prying those scotch mints apart, get your sticky fingers on the tutorial!

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Things I covet: Despicable minions!

Have you seen Despicable Me yet?  See it. It’s great. And possibly the best part was the adorable minions, am I right?

Like many crafters, the first thing I thought when I saw them was “omg those would be awesome to make!”   They look like they were modeled after the yellow plastic toy container inside a Kinder Surprise, right?  In fact, that would probably be a good object to model a pattern after…

But all that is moot!  MOOT!  Because the work has been done.  There are two patterns for the minions that I’ve come across so far. Knitters and crocheters, rejoice!

Left: Crocheted minion by WolfDreamer; Right: Knitted minion by Kat Knits.

I… I still kind of can’t get over how cute these guys are. Now, if only I had an army of minions to bring me some potato chips…


Things I covet: A hodgepodge of Mod Podge

So I’ve gone and bought some Mod Podge and am trying to figure out what to do with it!  I’ve bookmarked a bunch of great project ideas in recent months, but I think there are almost too many possibilities to entertain, here!  For example:

Key holder by Sew Much Ado?

Perfume tray by Prudent Baby?

EAT sign by Frame Fanatic?

Washer pendants by Homemaker?

Jewelry tray by Wallflower Gone Wild?

Of course there was also that revamped serving tray I posted about a while back.  So many options!  What do you think?


Things I covet: Shirred summer skirt with deep pockets

I have a confession.  I just wanna shirr, everyone.  I’ve been meaning to try it for ages now and I even bought me some elastic thread with which to shirr.  Heck, even the word shirr is kinda awesome.

Don’t believe me that shirring (aka smocking) is awesome?  Have a look at Dana’s wonderful shirred summer skirt she posted about on her blog Made:

I just wanna make this so bad.

And I also wanna make this beautiful summer dress!  I also doodled my own shirred summer dress pattern the other day while I was waiting to meet someone in a coffee shop… Now, I have no experience translating doodle into pattern, but it seems like something of this nature (flowy sundress, I mean) would be relatively forgiving.

Rest assured something shirred is coming your way, o faithful readers!